Fish Pellets

Here at E and S Feeds we have the ability to manufacture Fish Bait Pellets and Complete Fish Nutrition Pellets.

Fishing pellets that can be used as a groundbait for coarse fishing

Some of the regular fishing bait pellets we manufacture are Scopex, Hemp Seed, Green Lipped Mussel and Bloodworm Pellets.  This list is certainly not exhaustive and can include whichever flavour or colour you are wishing to use. 

Fishing Pellets  -  a complete fish food for fish such as Carp

At the moment we are working with many different companies to provide them with their own unique fishing pellet.  Many of these pellets are being used 

as a complete food for carp and other fish.

Fishing Pellet Production 

We offer expert advice on all our pellets, from the ingredients used, to the manufacturing process and in depth information on content and amino acid profile.

  • The top quality raw ingredients arrive as a soft material and enter our pellet machine.  
  • The ingredients are compressed and forced through a metal die plate to form compact pellets. Each pellet is uniform in size, shape and density.
  • Our pellet making machinery can make the following sizes and shapes of pellets; 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8 mm round pellet, 10 mm square pellet, 8mm Figure 8 shaped pellet, Clover leaf shaped pellet (each leaf measuring 4mm).

All  pellets can be package in tote bags or in individual bags, according to customer requests.

 If you are interested in talking to one of our team, then please call Eddy on 01535 681927 and we will be able to discuss your needs and requirements. Alternatively you can contact us at
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