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Immunity Impact™
With Plasma Power

Introducing Immunity Impact™, a cold-pressed food with Plasma power.

Finding holistic methods to support normal immune and inflammatory responses is important when it comes to keeping your dog healthy! At Cobbydog, we understand better than anyone how important it is to ensure your dog is getting the ingredients and nutrition needed to build healthy joints.


Added protein

to systemic


Helps with

Plasma contains a complex
mixture of functional proteins





Growth Factors





binds toxins
+ pathogens

Luckily for your pets, plasma-rich food is both nutritious and delicious! With Immunity Impact™, they’ll be protected by the numerous health advantages, and their whole immune system will benefit. The essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids found in plasma will give a significant boost to your pet’s health - and a tasty one, too.

About Plasma

Immunity Impact™ contains spray-dried plasma: a dry powder, rich in functional proteins. It is produced by separating red cells from the plasma, resulting in a powder that we can use as a source of animal nutrition. Plasma is a high-quality multifunctional ingredient which used to go to waste - but now, it’s being put to use for the well-being of your pets, and the promotion of their systemic health.

How Plasma works

Plasma has multiple effects on animals, but simply, the oral consumption of plasma helps their bodies respond to challenges more quickly and effectively. Plasma has a broad, sustained effect on the efficiency of the full immune system’s response to stress.

Consumed orally

Functional proteins in plasma will help the immune system to respond quickly + efficiently

Supports immune system

Targets inflammation at the source + is designed to boost immunity

A natural ingredient

Backed by decades of research that demonstrates a proven, whole-body effect!

Demonstrated Benefit for Ageing Pets

Ageing is a natural process for us all. For dogs, growing old can have a significant impact on your dog’s body and overall health. When stress or chronic inflammation occurs, the whole body is affected down to various tissue levels.

  • Common impacts of ageing include

    Changes in mobility
    Compromised intestinal health, digestion and absorption
    Reduced appetite leads to malnutrition and inflammation
    Reduced cognitive function

  • Maintaining a healthy diet can support the immune system and healthy ageing

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