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Cobbydog Breeder Scheme

Key Benefits Of Joining The Cobbydog Breeder Scheme


Get an exclusive discount of 20% on every order throughout the year.


New owners get a free puppy pack, including a 3kg bag of food and discount code.


Get a free 10kg bag of dry food to feed each new litter.

What Is The Breeder Scheme?

Weaning puppies can get expensive, right? There’s lots of different types of food, from lots of different brands, for lots of different stages. Not least if you’re a breeder with multiple litters! Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

By joining our Breeder Scheme, you (and your puppies) get exclusive access to a whole load of discounts and freebies. You’ll get a choice between 10kg bags of our Premium Puppy food or Cold Pressed dog food when the litter arrives, as well as 3kg bags in Puppy Packs when they’re ready to go to their new owners. And, the best part? It’s all for free.

When you’re enrolled in the Breeder Scheme, you’ll get 20% off everything at Cobbydog at any time. Orders are dispatched within the next working day, so you’ll never have to wait. And, because we’re a community here at Cobbydog, we’d love to see your puppies growing - so feel free to send us photos for a feature on our website and socials!

Apply For The Breeder Scheme

Join the Cobbydog Breeder Scheme now, and get an exclusive discount in just a few clicks.

Calling all new owners!

You can get a free Puppy Pack with your new furry friend, if they’re coming from a breeder on our scheme. We bet you’ve got some questions - in your pack, you’ll find a leaflet where we tell you everything there is to know about being a paw-rent.If you’re wondering things like how much food to feed your puppy, or which food is best, we’ve made it easy at Cobbydog. All our food is suitable for all stages of your dog’s development, but we’d recommend Premium Puppy or Immunity Impact.


Got questions? We've got answers.

It’s easy - just fill in this form, and you’ll get your discount straight away. Get ready for your free bag of dog food and puppy packs, too!

We do! When the pups are all ready to go to their new homes, we’ll provide their new owners with a 3kg bag of food for free.

With our Puppy Packs, new owners will get a 3kg bag of Cobbydog food for free. We’ll also include a handy leaflet, stocked full of our tips and tricks for your new furry friend. And, if you ever have any questions about your pup, we’re always happy to chat.

Ideally, yes - but we also take proof of your local council reference number, to show that you’re a licensed breeder. This is really important; we want to make sure that you’re reputable.

We think our scheme is the best, if we do say so ourselves! With a 20% discount on any of our products at any time during the scheme, free Cobbydog food for both breeders and owners, Puppy Packs with all our top tips included, AND our extra-speedy delivery service - what’s not to love?

As soon as you sign up for the Breeder Scheme, you’ll get your own personal code. You can use this code at any time, and on any of our products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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