Reilly won a prize at a local dog show.  Doesn't he look fabulous in his Halloween outfit?

Orla and Winnie

"Orla and Winnie have been on another brand of cold pressed food before and raw fed but it did nothing for their anal...

Alan and Shearer

"Here are our CobbyDogs, Alan and Shearer. They absolutely love their premium puppy food and gobble it up as soon as ...


"Here is Benji, just 19 months old.  He came from the Old English Sheepdog rescue who we support.  Sadly we have just...


"Iggy absolutely loves his Cobbydog, he shrieks and spins around as soon as he hears me rustling the bag at mealtimes...

Kitty the Schnoodle and Rosie & Truffle the Dachsies

"All my girls love Cobbydog and I think that their condition is testament to the food; all the dogs from puppy to sen...


"Ollie loves his Cobbydog.  It’s so delicious!" Graham


"Learning some restraint here. My boy Oliver and his Cobbydog.  His tummy and his coat has never been so good as...


"Rio, our black Spanish Water dog, loves his Supreme Chunks.  Although I do not have a photo of him nestled up agains...

Roxy and Baxter

"Here is Roxy (Staffy) and Baxter (French bulldog) with their latest bag of Cobbydog.  Making the switch to Cobbydog ...

Rosie, Peanut and Watson

"Rosie, Peanut and Watson LOVE their Supreme Chunks from CobbyDog, but we still make them wait for a photo before the...

Reggie - Cockapoo

"Reggie, our 6 month old cockapoo has been fed on Cobbydog Premium Puppy food since he was weaned.....and he has thri...
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