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What is cold pressed dog food?

cold pressed dog food


Cold pressed dog food is pressed at a low temperature. This helps to retain all the essential nutrients from the ingredients and makes it easier for your dog to digest. This unique method means that cold pressed dog food has the same nutritional benefits as raw feeding, with all the convenience of a dry food.

Our cold pressed dry dog food is made by mixing high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are then passed at temperatures between 42 and 47.

These lower temperatures preserve the enzymes, fibres, aromas and flavours within the ingredients. This produces a super nutritious food that’s easier to digest than traditional kibble.


Is cold pressed dog food better than kibble?

Cold pressed dog food is a dry, minimally processed alternative to traditional dry kibble. It’s made using lower temperatures than kibble and is pressed more gently.

The cold temperature preserves the nutrients of the ingredients, making our dog food nutritionally dense. This means you don’t have to feed as much or as often as traditional alternatives. And because cold pressed dog food is gently pressed, it’s easier for dogs to digest.

Is Cold Pressed with Added TurmerAid™ a complete dog food?

Yes, our Cold Pressed with Added TurmerAid™ is a complete dry dog food. Cold pressed creates a balanced natural diet with the convenience of a complete dry food.

Is your dog food made using human-grade meat as per DEFRA regulations?

Yes, we are a DEFRA-approved pet food supplier. We never use anything less than human-grade meats and only ever buy from DEFRA-approved, licenced renderers.

Where is your cold pressed dry dog food made?

Our cold pressed dog food is made right here in our factory in West Yorkshire.

What’s the shelf life of cold pressed dog food?

Our cold pressed food has a shelf life of up to 9 months. All of our bags are labelled with best-before dates.

How do I store your Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Store in a cool, dry place. Cold Pressed should not be stored in an airtight container.

Will fussy eaters eat Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Most dogs love our cold pressed dog food. It’s naturally highly palatable due to the preservation of the natural aromas and flavours of the ingredients. If you’re unsure, why not treat your dogs to a sample?

How do I change my dog onto your food?

When switching to our food, we recommend you do it gradually by replacing a little of your dog’s current food with our cold pressed food and increasing the proportion over a period of 2 weeks until your dog is eating only our cold pressed Food. For dogs with sensitive tummies, we recommend following the above guide for 3 weeks.

How much should I feed my dog?

It’s important to weigh our cold-pressed dog food, as it’s nutritionally dense and weighs more than you think. Be careful not to overfeed, as the quantity will look small in comparison to a raw or kibble diet.

Take a look at our feeding guide below. These quantities are provided only as a guide since requirements will vary according to factors such as activity, age, and breed.

Weight of dog (Kg)

 Daily Feed (g)

1 - 2

12 -24

2 - 3

 24 - 36

3 - 5

 36 - 60

5 - 10

 60 - 120

10 - 20

 120 - 240

20 - 30

240 - 360

30 - 40

360 - 480

40 - 50

 480 - 600

50 - 60

 600 -720


720 +

How often should I feed my dog?

For best results, feed your dog twice a day.

Is cold pressed suitable for puppies?

Yes, our cold pressed dog food is suitable for puppies from the age of 4 weeks, as long as they have seen a vet and are considered in good health.

How much should I feed my puppy?

Take a look at our puppy feeding guide below. These quantities are provided only as a guide.

Weight of Puppy (Kg)

 Daily Feed (g)

1 - 2


2 - 3

80 - 110

3 - 5

110 - 160

5 - 10

160 -  210

10 - 20

210 - 450

20 - 30

450 - 610

30 - 40

610 - 750

How often should I feed my puppy?

  • From 4 weeks onwards, puppies should be fed as much as their appetite allows four times daily.
  • From 3 months meals should be reduced to 3 times a day.
  • From 6 months, meals should be reduced to twice a day.

It’s important to check your puppy’s weight regularly. Ask your vet next time your puppy has a check-up.

Where can I buy your food?

Take a look at our list of stockists. If there isn’t one in your area, you can order online via our website or by calling us at 01535681927. Orders over 3KG include FREE Mainland UK delivery.



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