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Working Dog Food

Cobbydog have been providing a large proportion of working dogs of all breeds and sizes with working dog food for nearly 48 years! Our experience and knowledge of dog food and its ingredients mean that many working dogs rely on our dog food.
Working dogs require a high performance dog food to support their active life. Our working dog foods are high in protein to promote strong muscles, along with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for healthy bones and teeth. Even more importantly, each dog food provides the energy and stamina needed to keep a working dog going throughout the day.
Naturally we think we make the best working dog food in the UK. We buy all of the ingredients ourselves, and make the dog food to the highest standards. In fact, our working dog food is so good that we actually make some ingredients for other dog food manufacturers!
Working dogs have big appetites, and if you have a few of them then they can go through a lot of dog food. By buying direct from us you get the best possible value, and we can deliver in bulk direct to your door.
hunt kennel mix
E and S Feeds (Cobbydog) have worked hard over the last 20 years to formulate Kennel Mixes . Our most popular Kennel mix is a balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy hound. The top quality proteins in the mix provides the sustained energy that working hounds need.
Our foods are highly palatable, digestible and balanced. Protein levels are 24%. Value for money is also of prime consideration, and one 20kg bag will feed a pair of dogs for three weeks. To buy one bag to be delivered by courier, here is the link below. To get the best price on larger orders of 1 tonne or more please call us on the phone number below.

We want to help you choose exactly the right working dog food, so please call us on 01535 681927 we will discuss with you which dog food is best, how much you need, and how you want it delivered.



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