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Do you need to buy dog food in large quantities? Are you wishing to buy wholesale dog food for retail?  Are you looking for a dog food supplier in the UK that provides quality and recommended dog food? Then we can help you. At Cobbydog we sell our dog food in bulk as well as in single bags, and offer a discount for the bulk order - wholesale dog food prices.

To buy dog food in bulk an order would usually start at about 30 bags, which is roughly 1/2 tonne (33 bags at 15kg). We deliver these bags on a pallet, wrapped to protect the dog food and transported via haulage companies. The length of time for delivery, from the date of order, would normally be three working days. However, if you have an urgent requirement then we can still help you; we can often organise the overnight delivery of a pallet of dog food for an additional charge - please contact us on 01535 681927 and we will do our best to assist.

Even better, a bulk order does not have to be made up of just one variety. As long as you need 30 bags or more of dog food you can choose any mixture of quantities and varieties to make up the order. Cobbydog, dog food wholesalers, are here to help you.

What type of people bulk buy dog food?

In our experience there are a wide variety of customers who wish to use a dog food wholesaler and buy our dog food in bulk, placing large orders and getting special pallet prices.

  • Breeders often have many dogs with big appetites. Sometimes groups of breeders club together to get bulk deals from Cobbydog.
  • The same goes for dog boarding kennels and pet shops. These customers are good examples of those who prefer to mix different feeds to make up the 30 bag total.
  • We also sell dog food at wholesale prices to packs of working dogs.  Working Dog Food also has the benefit of being VAT free.
  • Groups of friends and fellow dog owners often club together to benefit from bulk order dog food prices. Imagine a large dog eats one 15 kilo sack of dog food each month and five every five months. You would only need to have a group of six of you to buy 5 bags each and that would make thirty bags. Because our dog food is freshly made to order it stores very well for six months. All you have got to ask yourself is, can you store it and use it within reasonable time?

Why buy Cobbydog dog food in bulk?

  • Save money - get the benefit of a discount for buying a pallet of dog food in one go.
  • It's convenient - you don’t have to stay in waiting for a delivery as often.
  • Helpful advice - you will have a team of people here at Cobbydog to help you to organise your first order, providing you with up to the minute advice on dog food nutrition.
  • Save the planet - you would be helping the environment too! Less travel = fewer carbon emissions.

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