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04 . June .2024Katy van suilchem0 Comments

"We've just received our 2nd bag of Cobbydog cold pressed food and Baxter the miniature schnauzer can't wait to get stuck in! 
We've tried other cold pressed brands previously but he was always a bit unenthusiastic so when I ordered some sample bags of Cobbydog I wasn't too optimistic. However, he loves it! I think we have tried most of the varieties and he hasn't turned his nose up at any yet. He will even eat it as treats and rewards for training. Last time, we tried the Optimum Cold Pressed with TurmerAid™ which went down a treat and we are now trying the Fish Supper with Plasma as he really enjoyed the sample we had.
I feel like it is a really good quality food full of nutritious ingredients and is quite low in fat too which is important to us since miniature schnauzer are prone to pancreatitis which can be exacerbated by a high fat diet. It also comes in several different flavours so he can have a variety of different  proteins which is important for a balanced diet. " Isla

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