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Easy guide for transitioning on to Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food

21 . March .2024Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Making the switch to another dog food is always a difficult task for many dog owners. Cold Pressed may sound like a big step but it is a step that has provided a huge benefit to thousands of dogs. Increasing in popularity over the last few years, cold pressed dog food is becoming one of the most popular way of feeding a highly nutritious gentle dog food.

You don’t even need a big bag to try because all our flavours of Cold Pressed Dog Food are available in sample sizes at

You can have a try of Optimum Chicken, Fish Supper ,Turkey and Vegetables and our new Immunity Impact™ range.

We recommend that you follow a schedule to introduce your dog to cold pressed dog food. Start by introducing Cobbydog cold pressed food initially as a treat, gradually increasing the amount you give over a period of 2 weeks, adding it to your dogs current food, until you have fully transitioned over to a cold pressed diet. If your dog has a sensitive tummy we recommend a slower process, over a 3 week period.

It’s important to weigh our cold pressed dog food as it’s nutritionally dense and it weighs more than you think. Be careful not to over feed, the quantity will look small in comparison to a raw or kibble diet.

Take a look at our feeding guide below. These quantities are provided only as a guide since requirements will vary according to a number of factors, such as activity, age and breed.

If you would like further information on our cold pressed dog food please visit our cold pressed food range.

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