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Immunity Impact™ and Older Dogs

25 . March .2024Katy van suilchem0 Comments

At Cobbydog, we understand the importance of looking after your furry friends to ensure they enjoy their golden years to the fullest. Immunity Impact™ is the ultimate mealtime upgrade packed with plasma power to keep your senior dog healthy and happy. 

As dogs age, their bodies undergo natural changes that impact their overall health and well-being. From reduced mobility to compromised intestinal health and decreased cognitive function, ageing pups face various challenges; this is where Immunity Impact™ comes in. 

What are the benefits of Immunity Impact™ for older dogs?

We’ve highlighted the main benefits of Immunity Impact™ for older dogs. 

1. Eases aches and pains

Immunity Impact™ works wonders for older dogs, helping them regain mobility and find comfort in later life. Our cold-pressed range has anti-inflammatory properties, supporting healthy joints and easing the aches and pains inherent to ageing. 

We’ve been blown away by the incredible feedback from customers, like one customer who shared how the Immunity Impact™ Meal Topper transformed their beloved pup, Harley’s life amidst struggles with lumbosacral disease and hip dysplasia.

Read more about Harley’s remarkable transformation here. 

2. Provides extra protein

Our Immunity Impact™ range is high in protein to ensure your pooch gets all the essential nutrients they need to thrive through puppyhood, adulthood, and old age. Protein is critical to a dog’s diet, providing amino acids that support immunity, coat health, muscle development, and weight management. 

3. Supports immune system

The functional proteins in plasma make Immunity Impact™ an invaluable addition to your dog’s daily diet. These proteins support the immune system, ensuring your dog stays healthy, resilient, and ready for whatever comes their way!

Whether it's bounding through the park or snuggling up for a cosy nap, Immunity Impact™ provides the support your senior dog needs to thrive and enjoy life to the max.

What is plasma?

Immunity Impact™ features spray-dried plasma, a dry powder created by separating red cells from plasma. This results in a versatile powder perfect for pet nutrition. Plasma used to go to waste, but now it’s being put to good use, supporting the well-being of your pets and promoting their systemic health. 

Proteins found in Immunity Impact™

Immunity Impact™ is a cold-pressed dog food containing plasma, a substance rich in functional proteins that aid the immune system, combat inflammation, and support overall systemic health. 

  • Transferrin - binds iron
  • Lysozymes - combats bacteria
  • Growth factors - aid in cell repair
  • Cytokine - fights disease
  • IgG - works to bind toxins and pathogens

  • What are you waiting for? Give your furry friend the gift of Immunity Impact™ today! With its powerhouse of functional proteins, Immunity Impact is hugely beneficial for older dogs. 

    Treat your canine companion and witness the transformation for yourself.

    Our Immunity Impact™ Cold Pressed range includes Fish Supper, Duck Dinner, Tiny Chops Fish Supper, and Meal Topper. 

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