Cuillin Lennon

"I highly recommend the Cobbydog Fish Supper Cold Pressed dog food. I'm very fussy with my food so I didn't think I w...


"I then tried Cobbydog cold pressed fish supper  and loved it! Mam said it's good for me because cold pressed food ke...

Archie & Dexter

"We have recently been trying a new dog food by Cobbydog Fish Supper with added TuremrAid™ and have to say it is VERY...


"I love my new Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food with added TurmerAid™. Its super yummy and I get really excited every d...

Big Boy Archie - Instagram

"I’ve been trying out their food for the past few days and it has passed the Big Boy. This is a cold pressed dog food...

Wendy Bevan

"I just waned to show you the difference your food has made to my dogs skin after 3 months. He has had every type of ...

Donna Strowlger

"With Albert our beagle puppy being so young we are very careful about what food & treats we give him, the food s...
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