Tasha Parsons

"First of all what a great food and made right here in the UK. My Golden Retriever has been on cold pressed food for ...

Prinny the Cockapoo

"Mum! Did you have to make me pose in the snow. I'm loving my Cobbydog Optimum Cold Pressed with added TurmerAid™" 

Luna & Zorro

Luna & Zorro absolutely love it!

Rusty Fox Red

"It is safe to say that he enjoyed it and was begging for more! Overall we were very impressed with Cobbydog’s Cold P...

Izzy & Brie

"CobbyDog is 100% Natural & has the nutritional benefits of raw feeding due to the Cold Pressed process.With adde...

Jas Abi Meister

 The cold pressed food is so convenient I had been raw feeding but it wasn't easy storing it and the flies in summer ...

Cuillin Lennon

"I highly recommend the Cobbydog Fish Supper Cold Pressed dog food. I'm very fussy with my food so I didn't think I w...


"I then tried Cobbydog cold pressed fish supper  and loved it! Mam said it's good for me because cold pressed food ke...

Archie & Dexter

"We have recently been trying a new dog food by Cobbydog Fish Supper with added TuremrAid™ and have to say it is VERY...


"I love my new Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food with added TurmerAid™. Its super yummy and I get really excited every d...

Big Boy Archie - Instagram

"I’ve been trying out their food for the past few days and it has passed the Big Boy. This is a cold pressed dog food...

Wendy Bevan

"I just waned to show you the difference your food has made to my dogs skin after 3 months. He has had every type of ...
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