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Levi, Boe and Cal

13 . July .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

"Hi These are my 3 pups Levi Lhasa Apso cross Cavachon, Boe a Staffordshire bull terrier, Cal a Labrador .I searched for a type of dog food that would suit the needs of my 3 different dogs with 3 different needs. Boe is older and needs food for a sensitive stomach. He's also very fussy.   Levi got severe tear staining from his last food and Cal being a puppy he needs food suitable for puppies . Beforehand I had to buy 3 different types of dog food.. Now I buy Cobbydog Fish Supper. Levi's tear staining had gone, Boe is doing normal poos and Cal is thriving... Boe, Levi and Cal enjoys meal times It also makes my life easier only having to buy one type of food which gets delivered to my door.. Thank you " Julie

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