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Princess Honey

17 . October .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Princess Honey is a rescue Staffy who always struggled with maintaining a good weight, we have tried good quality low fat kibble but found that this always made her extremely bloated and as I was aware of the risk of bloat and GDV in dogs this always worried me as her stomach would look like a balloon after meals even when I  reduced her food to the absolutely minimum she could have, raw is not do-able for us due to our living situation. We found out about cold pressed a few years ago and it was like magic! But the current brand we were using raised their prices and made it difficult for us to afford, Cobbydog is overall cheaper but better content and the varying bag sizes means I can just  buy the exact amount I need monthly rather than purchasing a massive bag in one go. Amazing skin, no bloating, overall great health, what more can a dog owner ask for! We get plenty of animal professionals and general public comment on how great she looks. Thank you Cobbydog! 

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