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24 . October .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

"Our Golden Retriever Milo (who will be 2 in February) has been on cold pressed kibble since we transitioned him at 8 weeks old. I extensively studied the market before we got him and settled on cold pressed because it is the closest to raw feeding with the convenience and cleanliness of kibble. We specifically chose Cobbydog because it is British made (not a British brand made elsewhere like some of the other ”British” foods) and it had the highest rating on All About Dog Food when compared to other British cold pressed food.

Since we started buying Cobbydog Cold Pressed the variety of flavours has increased which gives Milo the opportunity to taste new flavours and with the introduction of Immunity Impact, on top of TurmerAid™ (another big deciding factor for us), has made Cobbydog Cold Pressed the perfect food! Milo gobbles it up without needing toppers, he has always been considered to have a perfect body condition by the vet and his coat is silky smooth!" Luke

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