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Hendrix and Lozen

25 . August .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

"I’m a working dog trainer, I’m starting a working dog kennel. My plan is to provide the appropriate industries with the best working dogs I.e. general purpose and detection dogs. If I want my dogs to be the best then I have to give them the best diet. After doing ALOT of research on numerous brands and their recipes over the past year, I have finally come to the conclusion that your brand and recipe is exactly what I need for my dogs to achieve their goals in their active lifestyles. My dogs are also very happy because they love the taste. I recommend your brand to all the trainers I communicate with around the country and also all the pet owners I talk to who feed their dogs a mainly kibble diet or other cold pressed manufactures because of the high meat content in your healthy recipes 🙂
My dogs are in top physical condition doing what they love which was partly helped by your brand and your amazing recipes. I’ll be looking forward to the future with Cobbydog helping us achieve our goals 🐺"

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