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10 . June .2019Adam Copland0 Comments

We were sent some of Cobbydog's cold-pressed dog food with TurmerAid to try out a little while ago. Cold pressed food is produced at lower temperatures, so the nutrients are locked in and the food is more nutritionally dense. As a result, you can feed your dog less (Fox needs 210g a day on his current kibble, whereas he would need 201g of Cobbydog - the difference may be more noticeable depending on what you feed your dog, Cobbydog states that this may be up to 30% less).

I like that there is 42% chicken in the 'optimum chicken' flavour and 49% ocean fish in the 'Fish supper' flavour; this is quite high, which I am happy with and is one of the first things I look at in a food. It is also grain-free (the main carbohydrate source is sweet potato). It is as close to raw feeding as possible, which makes it high quality and is perfect for raw feeders when they go on holiday!

The TurmerAid is beneficial for dogs with joint issues, and is more convenient than making/using Golden paste. Fox loves both flavours, and gets very excited when I get the food out; I have been using it during training sessions and in enrichment toys; it can be mixed with water to form a mash/paste so acts as different types of enrichment and may be good for dogs with dental issues.

Overall, I am a big fan of this food and think that Cobbydog has done a very good job so would definitely recommend it! 

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