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Buddy the Terrier, Blix, Beni and Buckaroo,

24 . October .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

"Our eldest is 11 and been doing so well on Immunity Impact™  He’s prone to hot spots and itchy, yeasty skin so I heavily scrutinise labels on food to assess its ingredients for suitability. But since the swap he’s been far less itchy and his joints are less inflamed. The other is our eldest Vallhund and matriarch of the ‘pack’, Vallhund, Blix. She’s 5 months post puppies and subsequently lost all coat. Since she’s been eating immunity impact her recovery has been incredible. She’s regained her coat and I was even able to get her back to a few dog show with many remarks on how well she looks and how much energy she has" Sophie

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