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"Since feeding Immunity Impact™ the changes we noticed in Archie are totally transformational. The first improvement we noticed was his bowel habit, with reduced frequency and formed, less odorous stools. We then noticed increasing levels of energy and his limp became less noticeable.

The next change we hadn’t anticipated at all.  Archie’s overall demeanor and personality appeared to change.  He was reenergized, puppy like, keen to play and much more relaxed. Certainly the changes in him were systemic, we could only presume the anti-inflammatory properties in his new diet not only improved his gut health, but impacted on his mental health and well-being.

Claiming total transformation, and particularly over a very short space of time is a bold statement, particularly in an ageing dog, although the proof is right in front of us. Archie has a new lease of life, he’s active, full of energy and no longer limping! His personality has changed too, from a hard working, serious gun dog, to a happier, more content and dare I say it with a little mischievous streak in him, which we haven’t seen in him since he was a puppy.

Thanks to Cobbydog, Archie now has the energy and resilience to cope with his new little brother, Jasper. Jasper couldn’t have a better role model and if he turns out to be half the working dog and faithful companion Archie is we will be lucky and forever grateful." Caroline


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