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Why Choose Wet Dog Food?

01 . February .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

These scrummy trays come in two flavours: chicken and vegetable and salmon and ocean fish. We also have a different variation of the chicken and vegetable tray, explicitly designed for puppies.

Wet food is often an excellent choice for your dog, whether due to how nutritionally beneficial it is or its delicious taste that makes for happy pooches.

Wet food tends to be lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and fat than dry food. Obesity in dogs can be a genuine concern, so safely transitioning your dog onto one of our wet tray foods may be an option if you are concerned about your dog's weight. 

Wet food is also high in water content, which contributes to hydration, which can be great in the upcoming warmer months. 

What Vitamins and Minerals are Packed in our Wet Trays?

Both flavours of our wet trays offer a variety of different vitamins, minerals and properties that can be really beneficial to your dog's health. 

The salmon and ocean fish flavour is packed with Omega 3 and nutritious minerals to support your dog's overall well-being. At the same time, our Chicken a Vegetable tray is a fantastic protein source and also has its puppy edition.


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