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When in Rome, Eat Cold Pressed Dog Food

18 . November .2019Adam Copland0 Comments

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to announce that The Family pet store in Rome, Italy, is now stocking Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food

This is a huge milestone for us as It is the first pet shop in mainland Europe to stock our cold pressed dog food.

So if anyone visits, here are some helpful phrases:
Cobbydog Italian Phrases

Hello -

Do you know where The Family pet shop is? -
Sai dove si trova il negozio di animali The Family?

Please may I have some Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food?  - 
Per favore, potrei avere del cibo per cani pressato a freddo Cobbydog?

Chicken? -

Fish? -

Thank you -

(Please note: we are not fluent in Italian but Google is...apparently) 

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