Walk Your Dog Month

Throughout January it has been Walk Your Dog Month so the whole team have been changing up our walks (well as much as we can with restrictions).

We know you all take your dogs on regular walks anyway but for this national Walk Your Dog Month, it is all about spicing up your normal walk. Maybe go on an extended walk around your local area, go a different way round or if you are really adventurous, search on Google for a local walk in your area.

Our canine friends need regular exercise all year round but there are obvious health benefits for you as well. So work off the festive food and lockdown binges and go out and walk those indulgences away. 

Whatever you have been up to this Walk Your Dog Month and beyond, we want to see you and your canine friends on the move.

Send us in your photos and we will share them across our social media channels. You can do this by emailing cobbydog@cobbydog.com or by messaging us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also remember, dog walking is not just for January. Every month is walk your dog month. 

Let’s continue to look after ourselves, our dogs and others. 

Stay Safe. 

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