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Safely Transition Your Dog to Cold Pressed

01 . November .2022Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Just like humans, dogs can have sensitive stomachs. If you’re thinking about switching to Cobbydog’s delicious cold pressed dog food, then we want to help you create a safe transition and prevent any upset tummies. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to safely transition your dog onto our cold-pressed food:

Day 1-3:

Introduce a small amount of Cobbydogs food separately from their regular food.

Start by giving your dog Cobbydog cold pressed dog food as treats. Give your dog their regular food and place a small teaspoon of Cobbydog in a separate bowl or plate. Keeping them separate will introduce them to a new food slowly.

Day 4-10:

Increase the amount of Cobbydog food and decrease the amount of old food.

Begin combining the foods together. If you have a fussy eater, it may be easier to continue separating their food. Increase the amount of Cobbydog throughout this process gradually, this is what will prevent any tummy upsets. 

Day 10-14:

Gradually Phase Out the Old Food Completely

Once your dog is consistently eating the combined foods for at least a week, it should be safe to start phasing out the old food. If your dog's stomach doesn't respond well, extend the process longer and speak to your vet.

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