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01 . September .2022Katy van suilchem0 Comments

In light of the queen’s recent passing, her beautiful Corgis have had to be re-homed with another royal family member. If you’ve been around dogs before, you’ll know their owner is their whole world. Unfortunately, dogs will need to be re-homed for many reasons; for example, the owner has passed away. Another big reason is the current living crisis; some owners cannot afford to keep their pets.

Being abandoned or losing an owner is hugely traumatic for a dog, but dogs learn to love and trust again surprisingly quickly. Dogs naturally tend to be man’s best friend, so their attachment is firm. Depression is common among pups who have recently lost an owner dear to them.

Rescuing a dog is a gratifying experience. You’re giving a dog a second chance. You get the privilege to change a dog’s life, saving them from a lonely life in a kennel and welcoming them into a loving family home.

There are thousands of dogs in shelters around the country waiting for their forever home. Many dogs that come from rescue centres will have already had training, including being toilet trained, which will save you time and reduce stress. In addition, they will typically have a wide variety of breeds and ages available.

Generally, most dogs adapt to new homes pretty quickly, especially if surrounded by a fun, loving environment with caring owners.

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