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Natural Dog Treats

13 . July .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Lately we have introduced many Natural Dog Treats to our range.  They are proving to be so popular.

A perfect addition to the natural diet of our great range of Cold Pressed Foods.

We have Dried Meat, Sprats, Buffalo Horns, Deer Antlers, Rabbit Ears, Pigs Ears and much more!

Moss and Narla our office dogs have been chewing on one Buffalo Horn for months!

Nellie on the photo cannot get enough of her Cobbydog deer antler.
Our Deer Antlers for dogs are 100% natural. They are the perfect choice for dogs on low fat diets. Full of minerals and nutrients which includes calcium and phosphorus, these low fat long-lasting dog chews help maintain good oral health. 😍🐾🙌🏻
Pop over and have a look at our range.  Just add it to your cart next time you order!

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