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Keep Safe on Bonfire Night!!

01 . October .2022Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Bonfire Night is the time of year that so many owners dread! A time when our normal happy dogs can become quivering wrecks. Bonfire Night might be just a single date, but the celebrations can last for days.

Over the last few years, our Cobbydog Community has sent us ideas for others to use to help their dogs through the bangs and cracks of those pesky fireworks!

 - Try and walk your dogs earlier than usual, before all the fireworks start."

- Close the curtains inside your home."

- Turn on your TV or radio and turn the volume up loud to help drown out the fireworks.

- Dogs look for somewhere they feel safe and secure. For example, a crate covered with a blanket could help them feel safe.

- Try to act normal. If you fuss with your dog too much, this can sometimes have the opposite effect and make them feel like there is something to worry about.

- Thunder shirts and pet remedy sprays can help some dogs too.

- Curtains shut! The TV is on loud. Radio on in the kitchen.

- Crate covered and chamomile tea.

- You can have your dogs in the bedroom, and you can draw the blackout curtains and put on a movie.

- There are several natural remedies that some owners find helpful, such as Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets.

Stay calm and stay safe to all our canine and other furry friends.

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