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Introducing Tiny Chops Immunity Impact™

29 . February .2024Katy van suilchem0 Comments

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest product tailored specifically for small breeds. Tiny Chops Immunity Impact™ Fish Supper with Plasma Power is formulated using 100% natural ingredients and comes in 5mm pellets, suitable for even the tiniest of chops.

Part of our fantastic Immunity Impact™ Range, Tiny Chops is a cold-pressed dog food enriched with spray-dried plasma. Once considered a byproduct, plasma is packed with nutrition and supports your pup’s immune system to better deal with stress and inflammation.

At Cobbydog, we understand better than anyone how important it is to ensure your dog is getting everything they need to thrive. Made directly from our West Yorkshire factory, every bag of Tiny Chops is carefully crafted to provide a balanced and healthy diet for your furry friends. 

Tiny Chops boasts a tasty fishy flavour that’s sure to go down a treat with even the fussiest of pups. With its renowned digestibility and abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 oils, fish not only promotes joint health but also nourishes your dog’s coat, skin, heart and brain!

As with all our products, Tiny Chops is free from artificial additives, colours, flavourings, sugars, and preservatives. It’s naturally dense in nutrition and free from gluten, making it the perfect option for dogs of all life stages, from energetic puppies to serene seniors.

Pressed at low temperatures to preserve nutritional integrity, ever pellet of Tiny Chops is bursting with natural goodness, providing small breeds a tasty and nutritious experience at every meal time.

In a sea of pet food options, Tiny Chops Immunity Fish Supper truly shines as a standout option.

Don’t settle for anything less - treat your petite pup with the unparalleled goodness of Tiny Chops.

When it comes to holistic dog nutrition and quality ingredients, you can count on Cobbydog every time.

Check out our Tiny Chops Immunity Impact™ Fish Supper now!

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