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Introducing Immunity Impact!

13 . July .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

 E and S Feeds, Cobbydog is a family based British dog food manufacturer based in the Yorkshire Dales. Established in 1975, we have over 48 years of experience of providing dogs with sound, balanced and complete nutrition.

“Our commitment to providing dogs with the highest quality foods was and is unwavering.  We take pride in formulating complete dog foods that are both nutritious and healthy.” Katy van Suilichem, Director

Finding holistic methods to support normal inflammatory responses is important when it comes to keeping your dog healthy!

 Introducing Immunity Impact, a cold-pressed food with Plasma power!

The effects of plasma are systemic, meaning it affects all immune systems and has a broad, sustained effect on the efficiency of the total body immune system response to stress. It also helps with recovery, contributes to systematic wellbeing, and supports healthy joints.

Plasma - a natural ingredient backed by decades of research that demonstrates a proven whole body effect.

“Today the Cobbydog family proudly continue to uphold our high standards and will always strive to give your dogs the high quality nutrition they need.” Chris Leigh, Director


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