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Indoor games for your dogs

09 . March .2020Adam Copland0 Comments

Dogs naturally want to be outside in daylight, playing exploring and exercising.  The good old British weather can soon put a dampener on that! We can easily put off the long wet and cold walks especially in the darker and colder months. It’s always best to try and get some outside exercise every day but at times we realise that it isn’t always possible.  For that reason we have asked our followers for some games they play indoors with their dogs to stave off boredom and keep our dogs active and using their brains.

My dad used to always say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” Anyway here is a list that should keep you going for a while!

Hide and Seek

Harley, part of the Cobbydog family, loves this game.  We show him we have some treats for him. I take him out of the room whilst my daughter hides the treats under, behind and next to various objects in the room.  I then open the door and say “where are they?” and off he goes. It doesn’t take him long to find every last one! Amy, a Cobbydog follower says, “Hide and seek with their favourite toys is a great game.

Liz, another Cobbydog follower, says, “I use catnip in socks and tie the end up, hide them around the house and send her off, it’s great brain training but can be very tiring so a couple of 15 minute finds is good.”

Training / Learning new tricks

Learning new tricks is a great way to stimulate your dog.  Consistency is key here for success. Always reward the behaviour you want.  This can be with little treats or a play/cuddle with your dog.

The first training with a puppy would be to get it to pay attention and respond to its name.  Hold a treat in front of your dog. Call their name and as soon as they look at you give them a small treat,

Come when called – Show your dog a treat. Move back a few paces.  Call your dogs name. As they come to you praise them and give them a little treat.

As you get further on you can move on to sit, roll, down, fetch, leave etc.  Let us know how you get on!

If anyone knows how to train Harley not to pull on the lead then please do let us know!

Treat Puzzles

Cobbydog love treat puzzles.  Interactive dog toys are designed to help keep your dog mentally stimulated.  A huge array of puzzles can be bought online but there are many you can make yourself.  A particularly easy one is a plastic bottle in a sock. A great toy for dogs that like crinkly noises.  Follow the link for other great ideas.

The “which hand?” game

This is a good game for dogs who haven’t done much nose work before. Take a dog treat and place it in one of your hands. Hold both of your hands out towards your dog in a fist and ask them which hand it's in.

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