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How does your dog show you they love you?

10 . February .2020Adam Copland0 Comments

Firstly, how do we show love to our dogs?  

A great way we show our love is with lots of cuddles!  Is it just us or do you talk away to your dog too saying “what a good boy/girl” they are?  I can bet that most of us actually think they understand us too! We also love our walks with them – and they appreciate it very much! 

Lots of bonding on those long walks helps to consolidate the unconditional love. We also like to stroke our dogs. They like it and it is a huge stress buster for us!  A good playtime is also a sign of our love for them. Taking time out of our busy lives to have a good old play is a great way to show your dogs you love them.

Dogs can’t actually say “I love you” but they have their own way of showing it,

Eye contact

Eye contact with your dog is in fact a very intimate act.  If your dog regularly holds eye contact with you they are displaying their trust and affection.  Eye contact is important to our dogs but we do have to be respectful with our gaze and not stare.

“Eyes are the windows of the soul” English proverb

Dogs really do communicate through their eyes.  It’s like the unconditional love is shining out.

Wagging their tails

Of course, we all know that a wagging tail shows us that a dog is happy but here at Cobbydog we think it shows the love too! Just think about the welcome home you get when you return home every day. That wag and that booty shake says it all. “Hello, my Human.  I love you!”

There are so many different kinds of wags. We like the helicopter wag!

Snuggle time

There’s nothing better than snuggle time with your pooch. Some dogs want full-on cuddles and some are happy to lean on their humans or even just a chin on the knee.  All of these physical actions are signs of love and affection. Our rescue dog Pepper doesn’t like a lot of cuddles but she does move from one dog bed to another depending on what room we are in. She just needs our company!

Playing with you

You know they love you when you get that nudge from their nose or you get a toy dropped at your feet. “It’s playtime!”

By wanting to play they are sending you a very heartwarming message. They see you as a pack member. Not only that they see you as top dog! And pack members must play!

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