How does my dog become a cold press convert?

Well, it is a gradual process...

Making the switch to another dog food is always a difficult task for many dog owners. 

Cold Pressed may sound like a big step but it is a step that has provided a huge benefit to hundreds of dogs.

You don’t even need a big bag to try because all our flavours of Cold Pressed Dog Food are available in sample sizes. 

You can have a try of Optimum Chicken, Fish Supper or our new Turkey and Vegetables. 

The Guide

  1. When changing onto our food we recommend you do it gradually by replacing a little of your dogs current food with our Cold Pressed food.
  2. You can also try giving it as treats until they get used to it.
  3. Then if all is well increase the proportion over a period of two weeks until your dog is eating only our Cold Pressed.

For those dogs with sensitive tummies, we recommend point three of the guide to be increased over a period of three weeks.

You can learn more about Cold Pressed, by clicking here.

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