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Guide To Bringing Your Puppy Home

19 . April .2021Adam Copland0 Comments

Bringing home a new addition to your family is a happy and exciting time but you need to make sure you are prepared.

Here are few basic essentials to help you and your puppy on your new adventure to ensure they settle in well.

Make sure you have all the basics in place to get you through the first few days because the last thing you would want is to keep going to the shop.

Some of your standard puppy essential items: 

1 - Bowls for food and water

2 - Puppy food - Try our new Premium Puppy 

3 - Bed and bedding

4 - Collar and lead

5 - Brush and comb

6 - and last but not least, toys!

Make your home puppy friendly

You need to assess your home and puppy-proof it. Your little pups are often adventurous and they like to explore, particularly with their mouths.

Similar to how you would do with a  toddler, ensure all small items which could be eaten are on high ground and out of reach. You also need to think bout potential dangers such as plants in your garden (some can be poisonous to dogs) cleaning products or electrical items. 

Puppies also need lots of rest and sleep to grow, so ensure the bed is in a nice quiet corner of your home.

Your puppy will be very interested in their new surroundings so be especially careful with open doors and open windows, even stairs. 


You will need a lot of patience when bringing a puppy home, lots of little mishaps will happen but this is perfectly normal.  

Your puppy will not have bladder and bowel control, so prepare for loads of puppy pads and carpet cleaner. The only way to train him quickly is to spend loads of time with him. 

The easiest way to make a puppy-proof area is to line it with paper and have all their bowls, toys and bedding. This allows your pup will go anywhere at any time but you will be able to just clear up the paper and will replace it with fresh. You can gradually reduce the amount of paper you put down, making the area smaller as they get used to it.

When you are able to spend some concentrated time with your puppy, you should take him to his chosen area every 30-45 minutes.  Every time your puppy relieves himself, always shower them with praise and remember to never get cross if a mistake is made. 

Remember not to rush them as it can take six months to be completely house trained.

Feeding your puppy

It is essential to ask your puppy's breeder what food they are eating as you will need to continue that in the short term. Puppies are normally weaned onto a complete dry puppy food by 6 weeks of age. They will then need to have moderate feed 3-4 times a day. 

Cobbydog Premium Puppy or Cobbydog Cold Pressed is great for weaning puppies. The small size of the kibble makes it easier for your puppy to eat and digest while containing all the essential nutrients that will provide him with everything he needs for good growth and development and a really healthy start to life.

Puppy teeth are their “baby” teeth and are quite fragile. They actually swallow their teeth when they lose them so don’t worry if they have done that as it is quite natural. 

At about 4 months of age, the adult teeth will start to come through. Most vets would recommend you brush their teeth regularly to maintain good oral health so make sure you visit your vet regularly and keep up to date with all inoculations. Cobbydog complete puppy food and adult food can actually help keep your puppy's teeth clean. 

You must be aware that changing a dog’s food is not always easy., You will need to introduce it slowly over a period of two weeks. Try mixing a little bit of the new food into their normal feed. You would do the same thing if you were switching the food of an adult dog.

Normally between a year and 18 months, your puppy will require eating adult dog portions.

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