Five tips to keep your dog safe this winter

1/ Get your coat 
Our canine friends are all nice and cosy inside but no matter if it's rain, sleet or snow, your dog must go outside. When it is time for walkies, you must ensure your pooch is wrapped up just like you. Especially if your dog is fine-coated.

2/ Stay away from frozen lakes and rivers
This might not apply to those dogs living the big city life, but those dogs living in the countryside need to be aware. When lakes or rivers freeze, it isn't easy to tell if they are secure. Don’t take the risk! Keep them on the lead. 

3/ Ensure they are seen
We not only have cold winter nights but dark ones too. You most likely will have to walk in darkness. Attach a light to your dog’s collar or maybe add a high-vis coat to their winter wardrobe. This is mainly to help motorists spot your dog, but it also enables you to keep track of them if they are off the lead

4/ Check between their toes
It is essential to clean your dog's paws when they have been outside. Not only can salt and grit get lodged in between their toes but snow can compact and turn into ice balls. This can be painful for your dog, especially if they long-haired. Might be worth trimming between the toes if your dog is happy for you to do so.

5/ Warm and dry
Lastly, you need to make sure they are warm and dry. Just like when we get cosy when we get home, your little pooch needs some warming up too. So grab a towel, dry them off and stick the fire (heating on) so they can snuggle up in bed. Just remember not to let them get too warm. We know some of them can get a little too cosy by the fire. Don’t want any hot dogs.

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