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Cold Pressed - What the dogs have to say about it

25 . February .2021Katy van suilchem0 Comments

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food


We often bark about the benefits of Cold Pressed but we do this with the intention of helping keep your doggo healthy.

Also, it is not just us woofing to you about it, we get hundreds of happy dog owners telling us how switching to Cold Pressed Dog Food has helped their canine companion. 

Cold Pressed is a complete dry dog food with the nutritional benefits of raw feeding. Because it is made in low temperatures, food is produced with greater digestibility and nutritional value.

Thanks to the number of clever owners who speak fluent dog, we have translated their dog’s thoughts to share with you all. 

So don’t go taking our word for it, see for yourself what other fellow owners and their dogs have to say. 


“Farley says 'I love this Cold Pressed Cobbydog Complete Dog Food!' He has cancer and we are very careful what we feed him. We are very happy with all the ingredients and supplements being just what he needs for his careful diet!”


"Pepsi at just over a year old has had tummy issues from the day we got her. She has never really enjoyed her food, is chicken intolerant and we have struggled with her food refusal and lack of weight gain. Finding Cobbydog Fish supper has been a game-changer, in just five weeks she's finishing every meal and quickly.  She's gained weight, her sticky eyes have cleared up and she's more settled."


“We love this Cold Pressed Dog Food, which has added TumerAid, helping our joints and general wellbeing. (Mum swears by Tumeric to help her own Arthritis - so she was more than happy to find this food contains a full daily dose for us!) The best thing of all is very tasty and highly palatable - in fact, it’s literally gone in seconds!”


Cold-pressing has all of the nutritional benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of dry. So if you're a raw feeder with an adventure pup then this would be the perfect alternative to raw for those times when you just can't get to the freezer.”


"We have found the Cobbydog with Turmeraid® has been really great for him. He would get some mild lameness that used to come and go. It has really helped with this."

If you would like to give Cold Pressed a try, we offer sample bags of Optimum Chicken, Fish Supper and the new Turkey and Vegetables

You can also read more testimonials on Cold Pressed and our other foods by clicking here.

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