Breed of the month - Spaniels

Over the last few weeks, we have been showcasing a “breed of the week” on our Facebook page. Recently we had the breed of Spaniels, and because so many of you sent in photos of your Spaniels, we have made them our first 'Breed of the month'.

The nature of the Spaniel really is as good as they look! They are well known for being gentle, easy-going and affectionate yet lively. Spaniels are generally considered good with children, therefore considered a really good family dog. There's no wonder they are one of the UK's most popular breeds!

However, their energy levels are very, very high. Historically they are a working breed and would naturally be out hunting for hours on end. So Spaniels are more suited to a family with plenty of time for walks and also within a home where all the family are willing to provide this intelligent breed with lots of play and stimulation.

With all their affection and attention, Spaniels are often used as assistance dogs. In short, they love a challenge, and their loyalty makes them an ideal dog to rely on.  Harley, our own Spaniel, loves to keep us all together on a walk.  If there is a group of us, he is constantly running forward and then to the back of the group to make sure we are all their and all ok!  This is when he isn't in all the bracken sniffing out where his ball is!


Cobbydog has many Spaniel followers. Here are a few below. We are in love with the eyes and the ears! As you can see, they love the outdoors and lots of action!

Judy is enjoying herself looking for rabbits!


Angel with flappy rather than Floppy ears

Spaniel on beach

Mr Monty doing Hoopers - his absolute favourite thing to do. Fed on Cobbydog Fish Supper - keeps him in tip-top shape!

Mr Monty the Spaniel at Hoopers


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