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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Warm in Colder Months

19 . December .2023Katy van suilchem0 Comments

Now the days are shorter, and the temperature has plummeted, we’re all looking for ways to keep our furry friends warm and cosy. Just because they have fur, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel the cold! 

As they can’t communicate with us when they’re feeling chilly, make sure to look for physical signs, such as shivering, whining, curling up into a ball, and acting weak or lethargic. The cold can also affect older dog’s joints, so look for signs of reduced movement or stiffness.

Here are our 5 top tips to keep your pups warm: 

Play games

Indoor games will keep your dog warm, and entertained! Try playing fetch or tug-of-war - or even just running around is a good way of raising their body temperature.

Keep their coat long

Let your dog’s fur grow, as it acts as another layer of insulation. If their fur is short, you could get them a coat for extra warmth.

Keep them dry

If your dog is left damp, they’ll be more prone to getting cold. Only give them a bath when necessary, and make sure to dry them completely after baths or walks. 

Take more walks, but keep them short

When it’s cold outside, it’s best to make sure your dog isn’t out for too long. Walks, however, are a great way to raise their temperature. The solution? Walk them more regularly during the day, but limit the time you’re outdoors for. 

Think about flooring

Try to avoid letting your dogs on cold surfaces, such as tiled or stone flooring. You can put some blankets down, or make sure to keep them on carpets. Another option is to get a heated pad for them to lie on!

For more information on how to look after your dog during the colder months, and any more tips on keeping them cosy, contact Cobbydog!

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