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"I’ve been trying out their food for the past few days and it has passed the Big Boy.

This is a cold pressed dog food which contains added TurmerAid. Cold pressed food conserves nutrients but is like feeding a dry food and is nutritionally dense, so you don’t feed as much as you would kibble. The fact that it is combined with TurmerAid has been really useful, as Turmeric has amazing health benefits but I could never find a way of getting Archie to eat it!.

I’ve found this great to use as a normal food, as a treat out and about and even mashed with water to make a paste for a kong filler or to put on a lickimat!." Big Boy Archie - Instagram

Big Boy Archie
"I just waned to show you the difference your food has made to my dogs skin after 3 months.
He has had every type of food you can imagine from raw to prescribed, and nothing stopped his skin flaring up with nasty sores, 3 months on this and he is almost back to normal and not itching, its done amazing work on him, very happy and will be ordering another bag this week. Photo attached of Scooby my Westie" Wendy Bevan
Scoobie the Westie
"With Albert our beagle puppy being so young we are very careful about what food & treats we give him, the food supplied by his breeder was giving him a bit of a sensitive stomach causing bloating and his bowels- well they wernt pleasant!! 🤢😷
We done a lot of research and was so interested in the nutritional benefits of raw feeding however we have a 2 year old son and we’re a bit concerned about the raw food around him, we then came across cold pressed dog food which is as close to raw feeding you can get bit with the convenience of dry food-perfect! When Cobbydog approached us to trial the fish supper cold pressed food with added tumeraid we checked out their ingredients and were pleasantly surprised, it’s suitable for puppies from as young as 4 weeks so was perfectly safe for Albert. It contains 100% natural products, they pride themselves on using only human grade quality ingredients this was a big positive for us as you know exactly what your dog is eating. 
What made the final decision for us to trial the food was the added Tumeraid, I think wherever you look nowadays there are countless benefits of including turmeric in our diets so why should it be any different for our dogs?! It’s a powerful antioxidant, aids digestion and has natural anti inflammatory properties, the benefits really are endless and in the week we have been giving Albert this food we’ve seen a massive improvement in him, he’s much less bloated and his bowel are a lot less stinky!! (Thank goodness!) 🤗
We really like we know exactly what Alberts eating and the benefits he is going to gain from the Tumeraid in terms of nutrition and health it’s definitely a switch for us! We’ve just ordered a big 10kg bag for him. 
Thank you to cobbydog for gifting us this food in exchange for our honest review it’s definitely a paws up from us!!" Donna Strowlger
Albert the Beagle Puppy



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