Cold Pressed Dog Food Information

For 40 years E and S feeds have been manufacturing complete dog foods and protein pellets.  We now have the capability to manufacture cold pressed dog food in our factory here in the UK. 
We believe we may be the first dog food manufacturer to manufacture Cold Pressed Dog Food here in the UK.
Top quality raw ingredients arrive as a soft material and enter our cold pressed dog food machine. The ingredients are compressed and forced through a metal die plate to form compact pieces. Each piece of cold pressed dog food is the same shape and density.
During the process of making the cold pressed dog food temperatures remain lower than the process of making extruded dog foods. This lower temperature preserves the quality of the ingredients.

We are managed and controlled by DEFRA, so all our ingredients have full traceability.   We offer expert advice on all our cold pressed dog foods, from the ingredients used, to the manufacturing process and in depth information on the nutritional content of the cold pressed dog food. 

  • Our cold pressed dog food making machinery is run by highly experienced staff.   
  • We offer expert advice on cold pressed dog food from the ingredients used, to the manufacturing process and in depth information on nutritional content.

Our dog food is Made in Yorkshire from natural ingredients, is healthy and
nutritious for your dog and suitable for puppies. 

We offer a range of flavours of Cold Pressed Dog Food as well as sizes ranging from 600g to 10kg bags. 

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